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The single, most important tool for today's parents.

FREE to use for as long as it takes to keep your children safe.

Student Inspector: Scheduled Monitoring Reports
free unlimited access

no cost no fees

Free includes
An array of great features:

  • Full scanning of the world's largest data sources
  • 25 automated results with screenshots
  • Unlimited supplemental searches
  • Image search
  • Weekly automated reports
  • 1 On demand report daily
  • Email notifications
  • Library of 5 reports
per month billed annually

$12 billed monthly

Plus includes
Everything in Standard, and:

  • Additional search results
  • Faster load times
  • Fully encrypted reports
  • 40 results per report
  • Nickname searches incorporated directly into your scheduled reports
  • Library of 7 reports
  • 3 On demand reports daily
  • Option to download PDF version of your report
per month billed annually

$24 billed monthly

Elite includes
Everything in Plus, and:

  • Daily automated reports for enhanced coverage
  • 50 results per report
  • Social media account names included in your automated reports
  • Optional mobile phone number search
  • 5 On demand reports daily
  • Library of 10 reports
Our Student Inspector Reports were designed to give parents a view into their child’s online life. Running our searches, building screenshots and making this all available to you takes a lot of processing power and becomes expensive for us to maintain.

For this reason, our Standard Student Inspector Report was also designed to minimize the amount of processing power and storage we need to use. This is how we are able to offer it to you for Free. When you open your Free report, you will be notified of a small 15-30 second delay while we compile the data for you. It delivers 25 results to you once a week. It also offers a comprehensive suite of Supplemental Searches as well as our Education and Reputation Management information, all for Free!

Our Plus and Elite reports were designed to give parents a deeper look into their child’s online life. We expand the amount of data we scan for, we add more results, we precompile the reports for you and deliver everything over an encrypted connection, and we take screenshots of the sites that come up in our results so you have a historical record of what was found. We also provide a PDF version of the report which you can download and keep as a record, or just review offline at your leisure.

As you can imagine, this requires a lot of processing power and becomes expensive for us to maintain, which is why we ask for a fee.

If you are interested in our premium services, or just want to help out so we can keep providing our services for free, please consider upgrading to our Plus or Elite service.