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Everyday we all read and hear stories about people who have done serious damage to themselves, to their future, or to others online. It’s almost impossible to keep track of these daily horror stories.

This avalanche of negative press we see, are the result of people doing what people have always done, except now it’s being done in front of the entire digital world.

Here at the Institute for Internet Safety, we are working tirelessly to help you safeguard and enhance your online identity.

The Institute for Internet Safety: Catching Mistakes Before Mistakes Catch You!

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Vitalik Buterin Raises Fresh Calls For Online Privacy Support  CoinGape
National privacy standard eyed by Congress for data harvested by big tech companies • Kentucky Lantern  Kentucky Lantern
Best Linux distro for privacy and security of 2024  TechRadar
WA lawmakers draft bill aimed to empower Americans with online privacy rights  KATU
Say sayonara to these online accounts with a variety of use cases that could be harmful to your devices, or even perhaps your livelihood if gone unchecked.
Two leading US lawmakers have reached a bipartisan deal that could, for the first time, grant all Americans a basic right to digital privacy and create a national law regulating how companies can ...
Democratic Sen. Maria Cantwell is closing in on a historic online privacy law, but many aides say she’s been one of its biggest obstacles for years.
Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin is advocating for support to develop privacy solutions against unhealthy online tracking ...
Keyboard crooks are coming up with more sophisticated ways to steal your personal information, which is why it’s important for consumers to shield their online identity.
While some states have made data privacy gains, the US has so far been unable to implement protections at a federal level. A new bipartisan proposal called APRA could break the impasse.

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