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It's a fact of life that in today's world, you have to have a well thought out and comprehensive online strategy. IISafety is committed to helping people to manage their own, as well as their children's, online lives. Our comprehensive approach is essential in today's ever connected digital world.

It is the mission of the Institute for Internet Safety to develop the tools parents need for effective online parenting. We strive for a world where we will never see headlines like these again:
With your help, we will work to put these stories in our past and build a better future for our children.

By creating a three pronged approach to dealing with mistakes that children make online, IISafety is the only source you'll ever need.

The single, most important tool for managing your online reputation. Our Visual Web Scan reports helps you to monitor your online life.

Our Education section gets everyone, including parents and their children, started on the road to social media and internet safety literacy.

Our Reputation Management section can help you create a positive digital footprint for yourself and your children and may also help correct mistakes that have been made.

The Institute for Internet Safety: The trusted independent source of leadership for Internet safety policy.