Reputation Management

An online reputation or 'digital footprint' is a collection of all the comments, posts, tweets, pictures, videos, and other materials, that anyone shares online.

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Due to the permanent nature of the internet, many of the things your child has shared can be traced back to them if they have not been keeping things private. Some posted information can be an immediate problem, but oftentimes, things posted in youth can come back to haunt them years later when they are applying to college or looking for a job.

Additionally, even if your child only shares things privately, their friends, who may not be as conscientious, may put your child's comments, pictures, and other information, in full public view.

Studies show that more and more college admissions officers and employers are searching for applicants and are making acceptance and/or hiring decisions based in part on what they find online. For this reason, it has become essential to maintain a positive online reputation.

At IISafety, we are able to provide reputation management services that can create and promote a positive digital footprint as well as help to suppress any negative information about your teen. In some cases we may be able to have a negative item removed completely. We use the same tools and methodologies that businesses and professionals use to manage their online reputation and resolve any problems that may occur.

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