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Why do so many kids misbehave online?

Because no one is keeping an eye on them.

In the 'real world' when children are at home, school, in a house of worship, at after school activity - even at a friend's house, there is usually an adult present. Knowing that someone is there makes a difference.

In the ‘online world’, children largely (and correctly) assume that no one is watching, and if they are watching they're not doing so with any degree of consistency. In every-day life, a parent might give their child some privacy when they are spending time with a friend or are having a party, but the same parent would be unlikely to leave the house and leave the children entirely unsupervised.

The knowledge that an adult is present can often provide a beneficial deterrent effect. This dynamic did not presently exist in the ‘online world’. Until now.

How much does Student Inspector cost?

Our Standard Student Inspector Report is free. It conducts a comprehensive search and gives you a pretty clear picture of the publicly available information about your child. However, if you feel you need enhanced coverage, we offer our Plus and Elite Reports that encompass more search results and other great features.

What is the difference between Student Inspector Standard Reports and the Plus or Elite Reports?

Our Student Inspector Reports were designed to give parents a view into their child’s online life. Running our searches, building screenshots and making this all available to you takes a lot of processing power and becomes expensive for us to maintain.

For this reason, our Standard Student Inspector Report was also designed to minimize the amount of processing power and storage we need to use. This is how we are able to offer it to you for Free. When you open your Free report, you will be notified of a small 15-30 second delay while we compile the data for you. It delivers 25 results to you once a week. It also offers a comprehensive suite of Supplemental Searches as well as our Education and Reputation Management information, all for Free!

Our Plus and Elite reports were designed to give parents a deeper look into their child’s online life. We expand the amount of data we scan for, we add more results, we precompile the reports for you and deliver everything over an encrypted connection, and we take screenshots of the sites that come up in our results so you have a historical record of what was found. We also provide a PDF version of the report which you can download and keep as a record, or just review offline at your leisure.

As you can imagine, this requires a lot of processing power and becomes expensive for us to maintain, which is why we ask for a fee.

If you are interested in our premium services, or just want to help out so we can keep providing our services for free, please consider upgrading to our Plus or Elite service.

How do I get started using Student Inspector?

Simply click here and sign up for your free Student Inspector Reports and start monitoring your child's online life.

If you are already a Member and need help using the program, please see our How To page.

How do I get the most out of my reports?

Using our Student Inspector report is an effective way of monitoring your child's online activities. However, it is only as effective as you make it. The more information you tell us about your child, the better your report results will be. When completing your student profile please be sure to complete as many fields as you can, the more detailed the better. This helps us to return the most accurate results we can.

When entering your child's name use the name they are most likely to use online. For example, if your child's name is "Rebecca Smith" but everyone calls her "Becky", enter "Becky Smith".

And don't forget, let your child know that you are using our services. The fact that you are receiving our reports will serve notice to your child that you are watching, and that they need to think twice before they post.

What if I find something that negatively affects my child's online image?

IISafety offers tools you can use to assist you in cleaning up your child's online image. We also offer techniques on how to create a positive image for your child. Please visit our Education section for details.

Is this really necessary?

Yes, we believe that every parent whose child has access to the internet and plans on going to college or getting a job in the future needs to protect that child's online image. Quite simply, everyone has an embarrassing or compromising story or event from their youth, but today’s parents had the luxury of growing up in a world where the worst thing that could happen was that someone took a single physical photograph or stories were told in school. The reality for our children is entirely different. That one, single, momentary lapse in judgment can be posted online for everyone to see or read about. And even worse than that lapse going ‘viral’ is the fact that anything posted online is persistent - it can stay online forever and be posted in multiple locations and even downloaded to the computer of anyone connected to the Internet. So when applying to a school or looking for a new job these bits and pieces of our online lives become searchable and easily found by the decision makers that have a profound impact on our children’s future.

Is it really different from when we were kids?

Absolutely. Imagine growing up in a world where every mistake you make is made part of the permanent public record, posted online for everyone to see for the rest of your life. And it isn’t just about lapses in judgment - when we were picked on, we could run home for comfort and support, safe and secure with our family. With the rise of social media, your bully now comes home with you. Imagine your tormentor coming into your home and hanging up a poster in your bedroom telling you how much they despise you? Imagine those tormentors waiting for you on your lawn and following you around all day long. In an unsupervised online world, this is what happens. Our goal is to provide the three elements of parenting used throughout the world: Education, Oversight and Problem Resolution.

My kid has never been in trouble, do I need this service?

Yes, all children need education, guidance, support and oversight. You wouldn’t leave your child home alone with the front door wide open - yet many parents allow children online without any infrastructure at all. We would not throw a party for children without a chaperone, we would not send them to a school without a teacher, yet we throw them into a worldwide unmoderated universe where everything they say, do or post can last forever. Also, our service is not just about making sure your child isn’t doing anything wrong, it’s also about making sure your child isn’t being wronged. Online bullying has become an epidemic.

Am I a good online parent?

In today’s society a part of good parenting must involve an internet strategy. Children are not any different than they’ve always been - most of us had to read “Lord of the Flies” when we were in school, a dramatization showing children left unsupervised on an island. Similarly, many of our children are being left with no guidance and no chaperones in the ever-growing online world. We would not have hundreds of children in our homes, or send our kids on a trip with no adult supervision, yet so many children are left to their own devices online: without any oversight and without the basic knowledge and skills they need to protect themselves. Being a good online parent means giving your children the appropriate guidance and support they need - Student Inspector can be an essential tool in your online parenting strategy.

Can’t I just do this myself?

You certainly can go online to the multitude of sites and search engines and do searches and sift through the results. If you have the time and the patience to do this consistently, then by all means, yes it is possible. However, it is our experience that most parents do not have the time, nor the inclination to take on this task. Our technology makes the process affordable, comprehensive and secure.

Can you find everything?

We can’t find everything if the communications are private or by text message. We can find most information that is posted PUBLICLY - it is the publicly shared information that typically is the most problematic and can be found by schools your child is applying to or by employers considering them for hire.

Where are my kids?

The fact that you have a facebook account means your kids are running far away. And, they are running to these other social media sites: Tumblr, Snapchat, Vine, Ovoo, Google+, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram,, Whatsap and many others. By nature kids are always looking for something new, the new “it” product or service. Student Inspectors scans the public areas of all these sites for you.

How are you different from keystroke and other computer monitoring software?

These types of software are passive monitoring systems and they only monitor the systems you install them on. Also, it is up to you to review and interpret the information that they yield. The fact is that your child is online on more that just the family desktop - you cannot possibly monitor every potential point of access of school-age children. We are an active system that scans and monitors publicly available information.

Is this spying?

Parental guidance and supervision is not spying. Checking publicly available information is not spying. One of the duties of a parent is protecting their child. Sometimes you have to protect that child from themselves.