Visual Web Scan

Let's face it... Our kids know that online, no one is watching them with any degree of consistency. Everywhere else they go, there are adults present - but online, anything goes. Until now.

As adults, we may have information posted about us, or by us, that we have forgotten or that portrays us in an unflattering light.

For Everyone:
The problem is that before we can fix it, we need to know about it. Now, using Visual Web Scan reports, you have access to the same tools that employers and admissions officers use to research you online.

When you become a member you will receive regular reports that detail any information we find online. If you are a parent, we also advise you to let your child know that you are using our services. The fact that you are receiving our reports will serve notice to your child that you are watching, and that they need to think twice before they post.

Everyone is capable of making poor choices - and we should not be held back our entire lives because of simple errors in judgment. Whether the bad choice is writing graphically about something that should not have been done, or posting a photo from a party showing a young person in a state of drunkenness or undress, when placed online, these materials can become a problem for years to come.

Visual Web Scan:
  • Standard Reports are FREE!
  • Parental oversight is a deterrent to bad behavior.
  • See what is happening online in minutes!
  • What is being posted by you and about you?
  • What is being posted about your child?
  • Email notification when your new reports are ready.
  • Checkup on yourself or use to "be present" in your child's online life.
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A Message for Parents:

As a parent, the key to managing your child's online identity lies in knowing what content exists, where it is public and where is can be found. Our online oversight technologies involve proactively searching for your child online and documenting what prospective colleges and employers will see in search results, then executing tactics to manage any negative findings. Of course, we alert you, the parent, of anything our systems find.

Rather than leave your child's online identity vulnerable to their youthful indiscretions, good online parenting involves taking a hands-on approach and protecting your child's online image. Your most powerful tool to accomplish this is enlisting the help of our qualified professionals and utilizing our Visual Web Scan reports. Whether your child is suffering from an already damaged online identity, or you are making a proactive attempt to bolster and monitor their digital footprint, every child can benefit from a parent using Visual Web Scan reports.

Think about it, in all other aspects of a child's life, whether at home, at school, in a place of worship, at an after school activity or at a friend's house - there is typically a chaperone present. There is an adult to whom the child must answer for any questionable behavior. The simple presence of this chaperone has a certain deterrent effect, and when damaging behavior does occur, steps are taken to stop it and to correct it. This dynamic does not presently exist online. IISafety, with our Visual Web Scan software, provides this oversight and deterrent effect online by monitoring behavior and reporting back to parents regarding what is found.

It's easy: Our Standard Reports are Free! You will receive new reports detailing any information we find about your child weekly.

There's no need to have to remember to search for your child online and spend countless hours sifting through hundreds of results, sign up for various alerts, and monitor the ever expanding world of social media accounts - now with Visual Web Scan, you can spend a few minutes once a week and know what is going on.

As parents it is our job to protect our children, sometimes that means protecting them from themselves. A Visual Web Scan report is the single most important tool that a parent can use to monitor and protect their children online.