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The Institute for Internet Safety promotes internet safety and privacy
for children, families, the vulnerable and disadvantaged.
About Us
Originally founded to help parents protect their children online, the Institute for Internet Safety now serves all vulnerable and disadvantaged communities.
Our Programs
In addition to our online safety advocacy and oversight, our programs help to educate, analyze and manage the online presence and reputation of the communities we serve.
Take Action
Your generosity makes our work possible. Whether you're contributing financially, becoming a sponsoring business or volunteering, your help makes a difference.
Working with local families to protect children.
Life Online
Our lives are exposed online more and more.
Fighting bullying, abuse and predation.
Our Privacy Pledge to You:
Whenever possible, we will not collect or store your private information.
We do not not sell, share, rent, trade, barter, swap or otherwise disclose your information to any outside party.
Every day there are stories in the news of people whose lives are forever changed.

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